Finding an opportunity at every step of the motherhood journey

Finding an opportunity at every step of the motherhood journey

Life’s thrown a lot of curveballs at this Kiwi mother and daughter duo in the last few years – two sons/brothers undergoing a kidney transplant, a husband/father fighting cancer, and a granddaughter/daughter born prematurely. But they’ve embraced every opportunity, supported each other, and emerged stronger than ever.

We asked Carla (mum/Business Development Manager) and Chloe (daughter/Consultant/schoolteacher) to share their Thermomix® journey with us, and some of the secret sauce that bonds them.

How did Thermomix® come into your lives?

Carla: “In April 2018, my youngest son needed a kidney transplant, and my husband was going to be his donor until they ran some tests and discovered he had cancer. So, my eldest son volunteered to be the donor, and while the boys went through the transplant and my husband went through treatment, our life was in chaos and I was exhausted.

“When a friend invited me to a Thermomix® Demo, I could instantly see how this was going to help me save time and energy and I signed up for the Earn Plan. It was fun and really fulfilling – especially creating that icing sugar ‘Wow!’ moment every time you do demo. "I thought maybe this could be my career.”

What made you follow in Mum's footsteps, Chloe?

Chloe: “When Mum was a Consultant, I used to tag along and do cooking classes with her. But I always said I wasn’t interested in starting my own Thermomix® Business because I already had a full-time job as a schoolteacher working for my dad – he’s the principal. Then Mum poached me, and I’m so glad she did!”

Carla: “Chloe wanted to have another baby and it broke her heart when she had Taika and had to go back to work. It was only due to lockdown that she got to see his first steps, and she said to me, ‘When I have my next one, I don’t want to go back to work so fast!’”

Chloe: “Mum was right, so I signed up. I just trusted the process. And trusted Mum.”

How has your Thermomix® Business helped you grow? 

Carla: “After being a stay-at-home mum for 25 years, I was just happy to pick and pack groceries at the local supermarket, but the fact that I could come into this company and be supported to become a leader and learn the skills to coach and train other leaders, that’s just phenomenal! I'm currently developing Chloe as an emerging leader in the branch because we know what this business can offer. It's pretty special really.”

Chloe: “I'm really good at commanding a classroom full of kids, but I’ve always found it harder to deal with pushbacks and objections from adults and my peers. Thermomix has really helped me to find that confidence and shape those conversations.”

What do you value most about your leaders?

Carla: “Oh, it makes me a bit teary thinking about it! My leadership team give me support from all sides. They’ve created a culture of looking after the person to the left and to the right of you. They continually pivot to accommodate the needs of the field team. And that’s so precious.”

Chloe: “Before I joined, I had this perception that there was going to be pressure to sell, but it's not like that. It's so ‘people first’. The leadership team is so supportive. The question is always, ‘What is it that you want to achieve this month, and how can I support you to get there?’ They really listen and want to see you succeed.

What’s filled you with pride as a Thermomix® mum?

Carla: “At first, it was seeing my own confidence grow, and my family seeing that too because they had never seen me in any role other than mum. Now, I just love seeing other people grow. I’ve loved watching Chloe and my whole take that journey of learning how to trust in the process and to be brave.”

Chloe: “My kids seeing me and Mum do something we both love. And seeing my kids’ love for the machine. Maci will come and give a little talk on Thermomix® when I'm doing a virtual cooking class. In fact, she’s become a self-proclaimed Thermomix® Consultant – she even has her own YouTube channel called Maci's Corner.

“She’ll always ask if she can come along to in-person demos. And if I say no, this one’s not for kids, she’ll say, ‘Well, my grandma is the boss, and I'm gonna ask her!’”

What drives you today? What’s your ‘Why’?

Chloe: “I’m getting to spend precious time with my newborn, Rue, who was born prematurely. And I’m doing something that doesn't feel like work. I love the people and the friends I’ve made here. I never thought I needed that before. I already had a job and I had got good colleagues there. But it's just opened a whole other world of like-minded people and connection.”

Carla: “In New Zealand, we have a Maori proverb: He aha te mea nui o te ao? What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata! It’s the people, it’s the people, it’s the people. And we talk about this quite a bit in our company. We do it because of the Chloes, because we have an appliance and a business that are incredible and can change lives. The Thermomix® is incredible. But wait till you hear about the business. It’s phenomenal.”

Start your Thermomix® Business however it suits you – as a way to earn your Thermomix®, as a flexible second income, or maybe even a full-time profession – just take that first step and see where it takes you. 


Carla and Chloe: Putting the Mum into Thermomix®

Carla, what did you learn from Chloe about being a mum?

Chloe: “I think I’m going to cry!”

Carla: “Hang on, I haven’t even said anything yet! What can I say, Chloe’s a crier! She’s my firstborn. Until they put her in my arms, I hadn't changed a nappy before. That moment. It changed everything for me. I knew I'd found my shape. And we had nine more kids after Chloe because she's quite a force to be reckoned with. We thought nine others might just topple her off the pedestal, but she’s still the queen!”

What are your biggest challenges as a mum?

Carla: “Time is the biggest challenge. And in Thermomix® land, we set our own ‘open for business’ hours so that you can give time to both your business and your family.”

Chloe: “Yes, time and devices are definitely my biggest challenges. This business is great for being able to work around your kids, but it’s important to put boundaries around when you are a Consultant, a Business Development Manager, or a Team Leader and when you are a mum. Otherwise, to your kids, it can look like you’re always on your phone!”

What's the best thing about being a mum?

Carla: For me, it's being truly known and also truly knowing someone else. That’s how I run my Thermomix® team. I make it my goal to know them really well, and to allow them to know me too.”

Chloe: “Feeling a new love for someone. I think loving children is a love that you've never experienced before. When you have your first child you realise, ‘Oh, this is different’. And then when you have your second one, you worry you’re not going to love them as much. And I remember Mum said to me, ‘Your capacity to love just grows and you love your other children just as much,’ and she was right.”

What’s the biggest thing your children have taught you?

Maci (right on cue): “Mummy!”

Chloe: “Maybe patience!” she laughs.

Carla: “I’ve learned that motherhood is about maintaining good relationships - especially through the teenage years when things are different – and that means giving my kids the freedom to be themselves and room to be imperfect. If you can do that and maintain the relationship, then most problems are solvable and can be overcome.”

Chloe: “Yes, definitely relationships. And you think you’ve got it all sorted with your first one and then the next one is totally different!”