It was ferment to be - making yoghurt in the TM6

While we’ve always been able to make yoghurt in the Thermomix, the new fermentation mode makes it easier than ever!
Thermomix machine on a kitchen counter

While we’ve always been able to make yoghurt in the Thermomix, the new fermentation mode makes it easier than ever. Using the Varoma, your TM6 will help you create and keep the perfect temperature for incubating your yoghurt. Resulting in a great final product every time, no matter what the temperature outside! And with our gorgeous little Yoghurt Glass Jars, you can make perfectly portioned bottles of yoghurt while you sleep!

From our recipe developer.

I put my yoghurt on in the evening and while I’m sleeping, my Thermomix silently and at the perfect temperature produces yoghurt for me to wake up to. I pack up my perfectly portioned Thermomix yoghurt bottle and head off to work. I’m also so excited at what the possibilities of this new mode could hold for breads, cheeses and more!

Deb, Recipe Developer

Tips from recipe development

Making yoghurt is a bit like creating a science experiment in your kitchen, and the results can differ each time. We find that the best results come from a sparkling clean bowl and by using good quality full cream milk.

Keep a few tablespoons of your first batch of yoghurt as a starter to make future batches. You can continue to do this, but over time you might find that the levels of good bacteria in your yoghurt begin to drop. You can give this a boost by adding acidophilus powder every 3-4 batches.

Recipe inspiration

pot set plain yog.

The Pot-set Plain Yoghurt in The Basic Cookbook for TM6 is a great base recipe which you can then customise to suit your family’s tastes. For a sweeter yoghurt, add 40g of sugar or your favourite sweetener to the mixture. We also love adding 1 teaspoon of natural vanilla extract. You can also add extra flavour by adding a dollop of jam or coulis to each bottle after it has finished fermenting.

Thinking of some delicious toppings for your yoghurt to give it that finishing touch? These are some must try’s from our Recipe Community:

For the sweet-tooths this Clumpy Chocolate Granola makes for the perfect topping!


Add a bit of passion to your yoghurt with this delightful Passionfruit Curd.


You can swirl this delicious Raspberry and Strawberry Coulis all the way through your yoghurt, guaranteed for a flavour kick.