On empowering women to take the risk and do it #DigitALL

"The role of women has evolved so much, and it has not been easy for those who've gone before us. So, we should absolutely recognise and celebrate the progress we've made and acknowledge there's still distance to go. If we continue to talk about it and highlight it, we can forge a gender-equal world."
On empowering women to take the risk and do it #DigitALL

From Consultant to Team Leader, Branch Manager, State Manager, Executive Manager and now Director of Sales and Engagement, Brooke brings incredible first-hand insight to our training, development and the way we communicate to our Consultants. And through all the challenges of Covid and moving into the digital age, she’s led the charge in building a community that genuinely supports, engages and brings Consultants through the technological advancement journey.

Consultant to the executive team and, literally, everything in between.

“I worked in banking finance law and took a break when I had my boys. During that time, I became passionate about helping other mums by sharing my experience of cooking with Thermomix®. That’s what led me to become a Consultant in 2012.”

“After my first 12 months, my Branch Manager suggested I step up to Team Leader and I was so glad I did. My team was so much fun to work with. So when I was offered the role of Branch Manager 12 months later, I thought I couldn’t possibly step away from this!”

“I'm actually pretty risk averse and always checking in with myself to ask, ‘Am I sure it’s the right thing to do?’ And every time I come back to, ‘Why wouldn't you keep taking every opportunity?’ I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a risk. As long as I always stay true to my values, it will be okay.”

“After 12 months as Branch Manager, I became an Area Manager for Queensland before stepping up to Regional Manager and then on to Queensland State Manager.”

Empowering the movement, from face-to-face to the digital space.

“When the Covid lockdowns hit, our face-to-face business model needed an urgent rethink, so we held an executive meeting and came up with a plan.

“We had real belief our Consultants could figure it out if we gave them the freedom to do it. And so, that was the direction that we took. We laid out some broad parameters based on our knowledge of the digital space, and offered suggestions for quick dishes that demo the functions, look vibrant and create excitement without tasting, smelling and touching.”

“Our strategy was to encourage people to be brave. We let them know it's okay not to get it right to start with. We established a Facebook group for our Consultants to share what they were doing and learn from each other what worked and what didn't. Together, we all became experts very quickly!”

Success is helping others to be the best version of themselves.

“I've got a photo on my wall of two incredible women who received our highest national sales performance awards while I was their manager. That photo reminds me every day that my role is to nurture others and empower them to create their own success. I’m humbled to have been a part of their journey and to have supported them. That’s what Thermomix® is all about, helping other people and creating change for them.”

On what makes the most admirable women leaders.

“I'm inspired by women leaders who show they're vulnerable and demonstrate there's real strength in being a heart-centred leader. And it’s impossible for me to think about female leaders without thinking about Grace and Bianca. Their caring approach has created a pretty unique workplace where there is a high volume of women leaders, and I know I could approach any one of them for support and they’d be there in a heartbeat, with no judgment whatsoever. We're all here to make a difference and here for one another.”


Which Thermomix® function best describes you?

After a bit of thinking, and asking my husband, I landed on Sous-Vide, because it's precise and measured but tender. 

What's your no.1 Thermomix® recipe recommendation?

Family Chicken Galette. Because how can you go wrong when you combine pastry and caramelised onion. It's a really hearty recipe, and it's kind of fun to make.