On growing three successful brands and raising three strong daughters

“It’s important to take time to reflect on and recognise the women whose incredible tenacity, hard work and achievements have paved the way for us to be where we are today. To realise how lucky we are, but also to address the areas that need improvement. There’s no gender gap here at Thermomix®, but as a nation we still have much work to do on improving gender equality across the board.”  
On growing three successful brands and raising three strong daughters

Taking every opportunity, large and small. 

From temping on reception to a key role in the launch of Kobold.  

After daughter number three arrived in 2014, Kelly was looking for a fresh challenge and temping on the Thermomix® reception desk while searching the job market. That’s when Thermomix® invited her to interview for the role of purchasing administrator. Kelly jumped at the chance and a year later she was promoted to Senior Purchasing Officer, managing the relationship with Vorwerk for purchasing Thermomix® appliances and parts. 

“The amazing support from the team motivated me to take advantage of all the opportunities available here. I remember saying to my husband, ‘This is where I want to be. This is my five-year plan.’ And I set myself a goal to make Purchasing Manager.” 

Two years later, Kelly was promoted to Purchasing Manager as Thermomix® started moving into the kitchen accessories space. She played a key role in ideation, planning, logistics and campaign management for TheMix Shop as Operations Manager.  

Today, as Product Strategy Manager, Kelly’s career has taken a much broader direction nurturing three brand babies – taking care of Thermomix®, TheMix Shop and our youngest, Kobold. 

Success for Kelly is continual growth and learning. 

“I think it’s important to start at a base level, learn as much as you can and really get to know the industry and business you’re in so, as a leader, you can understand the broader picture, as well as the challenges your team members are working with. 

“Learning by stepping out of your comfort zone can be hugely rewarding too. For a brief period, I was managing the Sales Manager for Kobold, which was a step outside of my role and comfort zone. It was taking that leap into the unknown that lead to my recent promotion to Product Strategy Manager. That was one of my proudest moments.” 

When I need to find strength, in life or work, I look to grandma. 

“My grandma raised six boys and the whole family holds a whole lot of respect for what she taught us about the importance of demonstrating strength, especially as a mother - being a model for your kids to learn from and follow.” 

If I was to give one piece of advice to my daughters, it would be… 

“To always look to your strengths so your weaknesses don’t hold you back. That’s what really propels you. Be confident in taking risks and putting yourself forward for new challenges and opportunities that build on your strengths.” 


Which Thermomix® function best describes you? 

The kitchen scales. Because anyone who knows me knows I'm very data- and numbers-driven. I always look for the number story behind what we're creating.

What's your no.1 Thermomix® recipe recommendation?  

The basic pancake recipe is so easy to make from scratch on a Saturday morning, amongst everything else we’ve got going on. My youngest daughter loves them. It doesn’t matter where we eat out, she always says I make the best pancakes!