Top Food Trends of 2023

Top Food Trends of 2023

The highs and lows in food trends for 2023 are in according to Broadsheet and this year, chances are you’ve had some mind-blowing food adventures, right? But hey, we get it – not every bite was as good as you hoped for! Are you curious to see if your taste buds were part of the highs and lows of 2023 food trends? Well, we’re here to dish out the deets. 



Weird and wild gelato

Forget your basic vanilla or pistachio gelato flavours and say hello, to weird and wild! Now there aren’t too many wild recipes on Cookidoo® but you can always try to experiment with different flavours! Here are some different, but delicious flavours to explore. 


Big sandwich culture

Who doesn’t love a fresh deli-style sandwich? And, you can absolutely make deli style sandwiches in the comfort of your own home with your trusty Thermie. Made with slices of freshly homemade bread, generously layered with mustard or mayonnaise, each bite creating a melt-in-your-mouth moment, you'll be taken to a gourmet deli experience right in your own kitchen. 

You can also make them more nutritious by skipping processed meat and making your own instead.


No-cook home picnic dinners

“Girl dinner: A dinner that has many different kinds of small appetisers/snacks”. Okay… we love this idea, but you can totally have a “no-cook” COOKED home picnic dinner with your Thermomix®! Simply choose what you want, pop the ingredients in and let your Thermomix® do the rest. When it’s ready, just serve it up and that’s your girl dinner – guaranteed to be more nutritious, and more delicious!


Tinned fish are at the top of the food chain

Anchovies are still on the top of the list, but we’re all loving canned tuna and honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s super convenient to add a can of tuna to a salad or some rice and you can totally take it up a notch with your Thermomix®!


Chilli crisp on everything

Chilli lovers, we see you and we totally get it! You can literally add chilli crunch to everything and what’s even better, we have a whole chilli lovers recipe collection on Cookidoo®. Here are a few from the list.



What’s that one food or drink that brings you back to your childhood? Yep, nostalgic flavours were a total thing. No wonder our Retro collection was among our most popular release in 2023. And, we can’t confirm or deny whether Barbie had something to do with it or not… but think your classic ice cream flavours like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or choc chip!



Questionable novelty flavours

Okay the real question is, do we swipe right or left on these? Bizarre new food combinations that make you think what the? Raspberry flavoured twisties, we’re looking at you.

Skip the weird flavours and instead go for a flavour mish mash that makes so much sense you wonder why no-one has already done it! Our collab with Sydney pastry hot spot, Lode Pies, turned our a Tiramisu Canelé that combines the best that Italy and France have to offer. Now that’s a flavour combo we can get around.


Alternative milks milking us dry

Almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, we’re filled with so many choices! But when you go to the local café for your coffee hit and have to pay an extra dollar for a different type of milk, you start to question your choices… But have you ever thought about making your own milk? Yep, you totally can with your Thermomix® and Nut Milk Bag.


Supermarket spice black holes

Everyone seems to be spicing it up in the kitchen, but it’s a total buzz kill when you can’t get the spice mix you need. With your Thermomix®, you can avoid missing out on spice by buying whole spices and mixing them up yourself – this also helps with experimenting with flavours you like. Plus, keeping them stored in vac-u-seal containers will help keep them fresher for longer. Keep reading here for tips on cooking with spice.


Non-non-alcoholic drink menus

We all love fancy cocktails but, we don’t love the next day… especially if you indulge a bit too much! So, if you’re at a spot that only offers fancy alcoholic cocktails and pre or post mix drinks, you’re at the wrong place! Here are some of our fave non-alcoholic drinks that everyone can enjoy!  


Oysters breaking the bank

The price of oysters is getting out of hand but sometimes we just can’t say no! And we know how much Aussies love to splurge on seafood during the holidays. So, whether you’re in the mood to splurge or on a budget and don’t want to break the bank read on here for some seafood sensation.