Festive Cocktails with Thermomix®

Get all your Christmas cocktail inspiration with our festive drinks using your Thermomix®! From classic mulled wine, to fruity daiquiris and frozen margaritas, find the best Christmas drinks to celebrate this silly season!
Festive Cocktails with Thermomix®

Cocktails are a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and bring in the new year. Whilst there are so many cocktail recipes available, the good thing about them is that you can very easily make them your own. You can get creative! You could be mixing and matching your flavours, adding a little festive spice or swapping fruit for whatever is in season. You can now turn it into a 'Created Recipes' on Cookidoo® 3.0 too!

Making cocktails in your Thermomix® is also super easy. Your mixing bowl can crush ice, blend fruit and give all the ingredients a good shake shake. By creating your cocktails in your Thermomix®, you'll be saving time and effort and making enough for everyone in minutes - which means there is more time for you to enjoy the party!

Another good thing about cocktails? They’re a great social drink. You can easily create them together with your friends and family and then enjoy this refreshing drink over chatter, games and great food – what more do you want during Christmas? Thermomix® cocktails are the perfect party drink for your Christmas and New Year celebrations.

How about inviting friends round this Christmas or New Year, each bring different cocktail ingredients and create them in your Thermomix®?

For inspiration, here is a list of our top 10 most popular cocktails this year:


Classics for the festive season:

  • Espresso Martini – caffeine and cocktail, need we say more. 
  • Mulled Wine – it might not be a cold winter, but this is a classic for all occasions. 

Margarita moments:

  • Margarita – salty, sweet, bitter and sour, all in one.
  • Citrus Margarita – a zingy twist on a classic. 
  • Frozen Margarita – when margarita meets slushy. 

Fruity favourites:

  • Strawberry Caipiroska – to fix those sweet tooth cravings.
  • Mango Daiquiri – 'tis the season for mangoes. 
  • Cosmopolitan – for ladies that lunch. 

Summer specials:

  • Pina Colada – perfect for a day by the pool.
  • Mojito-style cocktail – a popular choice for a hot day.

Give one (or a few) of these a try and use the new Created Recipes feature on Cookidoo® 3.0 to make these your own. For more Christmas menu inspiration, head on over to our top Christmas recipes for tips, tricks and crowd-pleasing festive favourites!

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram too @thermomixnz. Drink safely!


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