Cookidoo® 3.0: Upload your own recipes to Cookidoo®

The world's largest guided cooking recipe library Cookidoo® just keeps getting better and better! Add your own recipes straight onto your Thermomix® with the latest update.
Cookidoo® 3.0: Upload your own recipes to Cookidoo®

We all know how much time Cookidoo® saves us thanks to the ability to browse, plan, shop and cook our favourite recipes all on the same platform. Not to mention the ease of actually cooking with step-by-step recipe prompts on-screen and pre-set time, temperature and speed dials.

Then there’s the inspirational side too – with the answer to that age-old question, ‘What’s for dinner?’ literally a tap of the screen away.

But, if there was one thing missing from Cookidoo®, it was the ability to upload our own recipes to the platform and modify existing recipes to suit our tastes and preferences. Maybe even to see those recipes appear on-screen with step-by-step recipe prompts, for that convenience we’ve come to know and love in Guided Cooking.

Well, now we can do just that! With the launch of Cookidoo® 3.0 coming on 29 November to Australia and New Zealand, ‘Created Recipes’ will enable us to:

- automatically import recipes direct from Recipe Community to Cookidoo® at the click of a button

- duplicate and modify existing Cookidoo® recipes to suit our preferences

- upload our own recipes to the platform and link them for what we’re calling ‘interactive manual cooking’. This will bring you step-by-step recipe prompts for your own Created Recipes on-screen.

Yep, you read that all right. How incredible is that!?

Please note you cannot and must not upload any recipes or images that do not belong to you as this would be a breach of copyright. By way of example you mustn't upload a recipe you have taken from a third-party cookbook or website, as this would be done without the author’s permission and constitute copyright infringement.


 Excited to get started?

See our Tutorial Videos here for visual guides to using the platform, so you’re ready and waiting once the update completes.

You’ll also find these videos in a new tutorial space on Cookidoo®

How many recipes can I create?

It depends on your subscription. 

  • Current subscribers: up to 100 recipes
  • 6-month trial subscribers: up to 100 recipes
  • 1-month trial subscribers: up to 10 recipes

The benefits of Cookidoo® 3.0 will keep on giving

 Check out the full list of features of Cookidoo® 3.0 compared to Cookidoo® 2.0 (the current platform):



So, what do you need to do?

As an existing Cookidoo® customer, you don’t need to do anything. You will have received an email from Cookidoo® in late October explaining the changes and linking you through to the new Terms of Service. So, all you need do is sit tight and wait for the update to take place on 29 November.

Please refer to the image below which outlines the plan updates for existing and new customers to Cookidoo® and Thermomix®.


Have some questions?

Reach out to your Consultant or check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.