Enjoying the great outdoors with Thermomix®

Whether you're looking for camping food inspiration or picnic and BBQ recipes, you'll the best recipes and meal ideas when enjoying the great outdoors with Thermomix®!
Enjoying the great outdoors with Thermomix®

One of the many benefits of Australian living is being able to enjoy the great outdoors so frequently. Combine this with a love for food and alfresco dining is definitely your thing. Whether breakfast on the patio, barbecues in the yard, picnics in the park or camp meals by a fire, there are plenty of recipes inspired by the great outdoors that will have you drooling whilst enjoying the fresh air!

Breakfast on the patio

Egg recipes are a given for any breakfast date and this Poached egg pot with smoked salmon and avocado salsa is definitely restaurant quality – and you can enjoy it homemade on your patio! Or if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, you can’t go wrong with a Raspberry smoothie bowl made in just 10 minutes. If you like pancakes for breakfast, you’ll love these Buttermilk corn cakes and they can be cooked on a barbecue hot plate outdoors and served in less than 5 minutes too!

Barbecues in the yard

A barbecue isn’t a barbie without a burger, right? Try these Moroccan lamb burgers with harissa yoghurt dressing for something a little different to your classic burger. Don’t forget you can use the Meater+ to cook your burgers to perfection too! Serve with bbq Grilled eggplant with lime and ginger dressing as a delicious veggie side dish. It’s so easy to prep ahead with Thermomix® and then grill up all this delicious food on your barbecue in this glorious weather.

Another to try on the barbecue are the Buffalo chicken wings recipe! These chicken wings are finger-licking good and can be cooked until they’re nice and crispy in 30 minutes.

For more recipe inspiration for barbecues, read this blog here.

Picnics in the park

When there’s a chance to get a group of friends together or have a romantic date night (hint hint, Valentine’s Day soon), then whip up some delicious snacks in your Thermomix®. These are some of our favourites foods for a picnic:

Vegetarian sausage rolls recipe – made with walnuts, oats, feta and more, believe us when we say you wouldn’t even know!

Focaccia recipe – delicious bread baked with cherry tomatoes, but get creative, add more flavours (olives, mushrooms or onion are great) and make it your own with Created Recipes on Cookidoo®.

Sundried tomato hommus recipe with crackers – it's one thing making homemade hommus, but how about making your own crackers too? These quinoa and spelt crackers are a healthy snack.

Fine dining whilst camping

Have you ever thought about taking your Thermomix® away camping? Just hook it up to the mains on your powered site and you’ll be creating all your homemade favourites with ease. This Chicken Jalfrezi is a great one to have slow cooking whilst sitting in your camping chairs watching the sunset. Or if you’ve got the barbecue lit, these Prawn and pork pops are easy to prep in your Thermomix and then grill on a medium heat and if fishing is your thing, cook your freshly caught fish using this Fragrant whole barbecued fish recipe – you won’t regret it!

There you go – hopefully these delicious recipes have given you some inspiration for your next picnic, barbecue and camping trip! The opportunities are endless with Thermomix®. Choose your next outdoor adventure and share your incredible creations with us on Instagram. Tag us @thermomixnz.

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