Emulsifying and whipping in your Thermomix

Learn more about what you can create in the kitchen with your Thermomix. Emulsifying and whipping has never been easier, and here's why.
Emulsifying and whipping in your Thermomix

Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savoury, the emulsifying and whipping functions on your Thermomix TM6 will help you to easily create moreish mayonnaise, smooth sauces and salad dressings as well as whip up homemade butter or your egg whites into shape for the most delectable of desserts.

Emulsify mode: Let’s stick together

  • What’s emulsion? Emulsion sauces are made by blending two liquids that wouldn’t normally mix (like oil and water) and using an emulsifying ingredient (such as egg) to mix and hold these ingredients together.
  • Why emulsify? You can make so many sauces using the emulsify mode on your TM6.

So a(mayo)zing


Make any main or starter pop with a smooth and creamy mayo made in your own kitchen. Say goodbye to store-bought mayonnaise forever and try our traditional Mayonnaise on Cookidoo.com.au


You can make the Kewpie Mayonnaise from our Asian Essentials collection for a bit of an oriental spin.


This is a two in one recipe from our Festive Flavour cookbook, Jalapeno and corn croquettes. Name a better duo? For that extra kick give the Chipotle mayonnaise a go on its own!


Eggs not your friend? Not a problem, try our Vegan mayonnaise from our Plant to Plate collection

Want to mix and match your mayo? Start by making a batch of traditional mayo, divide it between several bowls and then add your herbs and spices to one bowl, add chopped chillies to another bowl and if you’ve got a third bowl maybe add a citrus twist with some lime or lemon zest.

Tips from Recipe Developer Rachel Shanks: “For a more delicate flavoured mayo, use a good quality white wine vinegar and a light flavoured oil like grapeseed oil. If you’re after a richer mayo, use egg yolks only.”

Let’s get saucy

Emulsifying doesn’t stop at mayonnaise. This handy function can help you to create your own Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce so you don’t need to go out to your local café for brekkie – save your dough, stay in your pyjamas and make eggs benedict at home instead!)

holland bearn

Tips on making SAUCES

  • As soon as your sauce is ready remove the heated sauce from the mixing bowl to prevent it from separating.
  • If you’re making your sauce ahead of time, once it’s ready transfer it into a bowl and cover the sauce surface with clingwrap before storing it in the fridge (this will stop a skin from forming).
  • Sauce SOS. Sauce too thick? Add 2 tablespoons of the liquid (milk, water) and mix it in your Thermomix for a few more seconds. Sauce too thin? Emulsify for a few more seconds until it comes together and thickens.

Whipping mode: Hitting our peak

The whipping function is so versatile it can produce both sweet and savoury magic in a matter of minutes.

Whip up egg whites for the lightest of meringues. The TM6 whipping function has you covered, whether you’re after small, delicate Meringues for a high tea at home


Or you can go all out and create a traditional Pav from scratch.


Want to make sure your pav is failsafe? We’ve got all the tips you’ll need for producing the perfect pavlova, click here.

Life’s better with butter


Imagine having your own freshly churned butter whenever you want. Using the whipping function on your Thermomix will mean you’ll never have to spend money on store-bought butter again. Make creamy Butter you can find the recipe in your Basic Cookbook or right here.


You can also try our Garlic and herb butter to make melt-in-your-mouth herb bread, or add it to your meat or vegetables for extra flavour.

Tips to whip:

Don’t let it (butter)fly away: Make sure you put your Butterfly whisk into place by putting it on the blunt side of the highest blade and gently turning it clockwise to lock it into place.

When using your Butterfly whisk use speed 4 (as a little reminder there’s even a 4 on the side of your whisk!)