Maximise your Sunday with our 2-hour prep-ahead meal plan!

Maximise your Sunday with our 2-hour prep-ahead meal plan!

Meal prepping can sometimes feel overwhelming and challenging, especially if you’re new to it. But you can discover the benefits of meal prepping and learn how to prep ahead for the week in just 2 hours on a Sunday with our easy-to-follow meal plan. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also maintain a healthy diet effortlessly.  

Efficient and Speedy

Your Thermomix® makes cooking from scratch a breeze, but also frees up your time for other tasks such as prepping more ingredients or cleaning up, thanks to its hands-off cooking. If you have a second Bowl, Blade and Lid Set or BBL as we like to call it, you can speed up your prep even more by seamlessly switching between recipes without having to pause and wash up dishes – making your entire meal prep even quicker and smoother!

Making easy, affordable and healthy recipes in just two hours of prep can be done! By following our meal plan, you’ll be left with 16 portions of food ready to go plus, you’ll have a jump start on your Mexican Stack for a busy night when time is of the essence, and you need a quick meal.


Meal prep like a pro with these steps

  1. Start with steps 1-3 of Asian style pork noodles. Then, set aside the pork and noodle mixture in your mixing bowl. If cooking on your TM6, bookmark your recipe to save it at the current step and exit. Then, commence on the next recipe.
  2. Complete steps 1-8 of the Warm Satay Chicken salad recipe. Increase the chicken thighs to 800g and spread across the Varoma dish and tray.
  3. While the chicken and rice are steaming, cook the pork and noodle mixture on the stove.
  4. Ok, now it’s time to wash your first bowl while your chicken cooks.
  5. Once the chicken and rice from the Warm satay chicken salad has finished cooking, set aside half the chicken to stir through the Quick fix noodles.

    Top tip: This salad is delicious warm or cold so you can either complete the remaining steps to finish the salad, or assemble the salad fresh another night.

  6. Give your bowl a quick rinse and then complete steps 5-8 of the Asian style pork noodles. Now, you have dinner ready for another night! 
  7. Using your clean bowl, make steps 3-7 of the Mexican stack recipe.

    Top Tip: This recipe is best assembled and baked fresh so, we recommend placing the filling into your Vac-U-Seal container or another airtight container and storing in the fridge. On the night you’re ready to serve this dish, all you need to do is quickly grate your cheese mixture, assemble the stack and pop in the oven to bake. 

  8.  Make the Quick fix noodles and stir through the remaining chicken. Serve immediately, or separate into portions for lunches.  

Are you keen to learn how Cookidoo® can speed up your meal planning and shopping? Check out our video tutorial for expert tips!