Cookidoo® saved search filters - how to personalise your searches on Cookidoo®.

Cookidoo® saved search filters - how to personalise your searches on Cookidoo®.

92546 results found. 

That's how many recipes were live on Cookidoo® in July 2023. With more added every week! 

With Thermomix® recipe developers from over 30 countries, you're sure to find a recipe for every dish you can possibly imagine. But when you're short on time and just want to pull together a weekly meal plan or decide what's for dinner, we know you want a quick answer! 

Like with all databases - the key to finding the perfect recipe for you lies in the search filters. 

Here's a quick guide for setting up your search filters on Cookidoo®. 

To open up your saved search filters while on the desktop app, click on your name in the top right of the screen and click view profile. 

1. Select your cooking style.

This helps to personalise your Cookidoo® experience by enhancing the recipe recommendations on the 'For you' tab. However, it won't affect your search results. 

Select from:

The Veggie Cook – for vegetarian or vegan recipes

The Time-Saving cook – for quick & easy everyday recipes

The Cheffy cook – for creative and adventurous recipes

The Classic cook – for traditional recipes

2. Add your accessories

Adding you accessories into your search filters will widen your search results to include recipes that use the Blade Cover and Peeler or Thermomix® Cutter. If you don’t own these accessories you can remove these from your filters to stop these recipes from showing in your search result.

If you add these accessories to your collection later don’t forget to come back and add them to your search filters! 

3. Save your default search filters.

Here you can pre-set your search filters to include your Thermomix® Model, language and country.

For new customers, we recommend limiting your searches to English recipes from the Australian region. This means all the recipes you’ll see in your searches have been developed and tested here in Australia using local ingredients.

As you grow in confidence using your Thermomix® you may choose to expand your search filters to other countries or languages to enjoy some traditional recipes from other countries.

You can also edit your filters when searching for specific recipes – for example USA often has some delicious baking recipes for special occasions!

Curious to learn more about Cookidoo®? Be sure to check out our YouTube series for tips on how to create your account, search for recipes and create your own recipes! Exploring Cookidoo® - YouTube.