Cookidoo has had some updates and oh, they’re goodies.

Cookidoo has had some updates and oh, they’re goodies.

Our online recipe library, Cookidoo, has more than 60,000 triple-tested recipes you can access on your computer, via an app and more importantly, through your Thermomix TM6 for easy guided cooking.  

There are so many things to love about Cookidoo, from the delicious recipes (with new ones added all the time), weekly meal planner, shopping list tool… And it just keeps getting better. 

With the latest update, Cookidoo has become more personalisedYou can now set up a profile on the desktop or mobile app and tailor it to your needs, to receive better recipe recommendations and inspiration every day. So, you can say ‘no’ to boring food days and eating the same five dishes on rotation!  


What's new?

Save your search filters: 

Save yourself some time with the new update by creating a pre-set search filtermaking it even easier to explore and pick recipes within the vast Cookidoo library! Simply hop onto Cookidoo using the desktop or mobile app and within your profile select your preferred language, country and device filters. Next time you explore recipes, Cookidoo will remember your filters and help narrow down your search.  


Select your preferred cooking style: 

We’ve all had times where we feel uninspired and can’t bear eating leftovers for that third night in a row. Well, you can now select your cooking style within your new profile too, which will get you out of any meal planning rut! You’ll be recommended recipes that fit your style, helping you find new favourite meals and get creative in the kitchen.  

All you have to do is decide whether your style is the 'Veggie', 'Time-saving', 'Cheffy' or 'Classic' cook...


Be inspired everyday with Cookidoo on your home screen: 

Thanks to the latest update, you can now add a Cookidoo widget to your smartphone home screen and get served bite-sized inspiration at a glance. Cookidoo will send the latest recipes to your home screen and if any take your fancy, you can simply click on the recipe and be taken straight to the ingredients and preparation. Pretty nifty, huh? 

To add, simply ‘long press’ your smartphone home screen to enter ‘edit’ mode. Press the ‘+’ button to open the widget menu and select Cookidoo - you can then choose the widget size and where you’d like to place it on the home screen.  


To start personalising your Cookidoo, watch this how-to video below: 


Don’t have Cookidoo and want to find out moreClick right here 

Our Thermomix TM6 comes with a bonus 6-month subscription to Cookidoo, with an annual subscription of just AUD$49* thereafter. 


*Any New Zealand transactions will be processed in AUD$ and additional credit card transactions may apply.