On celebrating the women (and their recipes) who've truly nourished Thermomix®

By Grace Mazur
On celebrating the women (and their recipes) who've truly nourished Thermomix®

Thermomix® is so much bigger than Australia and New Zealand. We’re part of a global community united by a love of good food. And what I’ve really come to value most about the women in our ever-growing community is their incredible generosity in sharing recipes and passing on what they’ve learned to nourish and help other women.

I’ve always tried to take every opportunity, in life and in business, to do the same by passing on the recipes I’ve learned to share and grow the slow food movement. I believe that no recipe should remain a hidden secret that’s lost and forgotten, because sharing recipes and sharing food makes the world a better place.

This International Women’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the amazing women I’ve met on my journey through life who’ve shared the most incredible recipes I’ll always carry with me.

Rita and Patrizia

When I started the Thermomix® business in Australia in 2001, I travelled to Italy to learn from two of the most inspirational Italian Thermomix® Consultants, Rita and Patrizia. And I was honoured to host them here in Perth too. Here’s my top three of those recipes they shared.

Pasta e fagioli

If Dean Martin sings about it, it must be good! ‘Pasta a fagioli, that’s Amore’. This traditional, budget-friendly pasta and beans recipe originates from the south of Italy. It only requires a few pantry ingredients, but the result is so much more than the sum of its parts. We gave it a little twist in our Creating Something Incredible Cookbook, which celebrated 20 years of Thermomix® in Australia

Torta caprese

Gluten free or not, everyone loves this simple flourless almond cake. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Thermomix® recipes of all time. Traditionally, it requires at least 30 minutes of prep time, but with your Thermomix® you’ll only minutes. It’s delicious served without topping, but you can dress it up with rich chocolate ganache or creamy Coppa del nonno.

Coppa del nonno

Another example of how the Italians are so good at making simple ingredients taste so amazing. Traditionally made as a frozen Italian ice cream, it also makes the most incredibly creamy cake icing and/or filling. If you’re a coffee lover, you should give Spumone al café a whirl too.

Zofia and Wiesiek

I have so many fond food memories from my childhood in Poland and the dishes we shared at the family table. I wanted to bring some of my family’s culture and flavours to Australia and New Zealand and Zofia and Wiesiek played a big role in helping me achieve that. My good friend Zofia, who was my first ever Thermomix® Consultant recruit, and Polish Branch Manager Weisiek both helped me so much in those early days.


My sister-in-law Marysia was a fantastic cook and I feel very blessed that she shared her reipces with me for creating Thermomix®. Sadly, she is no longer with us, but her incredible recipes live on.

Tina from Tassie

Every day, I’m inspired by our Consultants’ creativity. And every time I travel around Australia and New Zealand, connecting with our team, I always return with amazing recipes and ideas they’ve generously shared with me. Many of these have been added to Cookidoo®, and while it’s hard to single out just a handful, these Tasmanian fish dishes from Tina are two of my personal favourite go-tos.


WA Consultant Vivienne Voss was the first to introduce me to Brazilian cheese puffs many years ago, a recipe passed on to her from her son-in-law, who was Brazilian. And, as luck would have it, I found them again when I travelled to New Zealand to meet with our Consultant team there. I was amazed by how simple they are to make, and it soon became a Cooking Demo favourite. They make the house smell amazing and have become a very loved and popular recipe with their irresistible cheesy flavour and satisfyingly crunchy texture.


The Thermomix® Recipe Community

Many of our Consultants generously share their recipes for free online via the Thermomix® Recipe Community. If you’re looking for more inspiration, hit the link below.

Check out the Recipe Community: https://www.recipecommunity.com.au/

From me to you

If I had to choose just one of my own recipes to share, it would have to be the Poppy seed torte. It’s the one I always celebrate with and a very traditional Polish recipe. Poppy seeds are in the Polish DNA!

You can make it with an orange marmalade filling, but my favourite way to enjoy it is with thick, blueberry jam in the middle. I love introducing this recipe to people. Even those who aren’t fans of poppy seeds love it!