Back to School recipes that’ll earn you an A+ with the kids

As the school bells prepare to ring again,  find all your lunchbox inspiration with these kid-approved recipes. Not only are they delicious but they’re super easy to whip up in your Thermomix®.
Back to School recipes that’ll earn you an A+ with the kids

School’s almost in session and that means it’s time to (slowly) ease yourself back into your routine, which for many, includes making lunchboxes!

A trick to turning mornings from mayhem to manageable is getting organised. Your Thermomix® makes this child’s play by allowing you to browse recipes in Cookidoo® and drop your favourites into your weekly calendar or curated recipe collections.

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Now that your lunchbox is sorted, we've listed some nutritious recipes from Cookidoo® to fill them with below. 

Breakfast Brain Boosters

Start the morning off right with a breakfast that’s jam packed with protein and fibre to help avoid your kids hitting a wall by lunch.


Smart snacking

Ssssh… your little ones will never know we’ve snuck some extra goodness into these recipes.


Lunchbox saviours

On those days when the thought of another ham and cheese sandwich is a bit too much to bear...


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