15 eggcellent ideas for using leftover egg yolks

Here are 15 cracking ideas to cut down on food waste and turn those yolks into some deliciously eggcellent treats instead.
15 eggcellent ideas for using leftover egg yolks

As far as desserts go, a stunningly decorated, fluffy pavlova is hard to beat (you can find our favourite recipe here), but what’s a good egg to do with all those leftover yolks?

Here are 15 cracking ideas to cut down on food waste and turn those yolks into some deliciously eggcellent treats instead.

We’ve organised our recipes into the number of yolks used for your convenience – so make sure to poach these ideas.

You’ll find all these eggsamples at Cookidoo.co.nz.

6 yolks

Candy Cane Ice Creams: Use our dariole moulds or popsicle moulds to create these make-ahead eggciting treats.

Advocaat (Eggnog Liqueur): Make a fantastic gift so all your loved ones can benefit (or is it benedict?) from your surplus yolks.

Sabayon: Aka “fancy custard” that can’t be beaten. Perfect for your puddings and pies, or make a savoury version served with Asparagus and Parmesan Rice.

Mocha and Hazelnut Ice Cream: This ice cream can be served with toasted marshmallows to make any crowd eggstatic.

4 yolks

Panforte Ice Cream Bombe: It’s the Southern Hemisphere version of a cracking Christmas pudding.

Hollandaise Sauce: Skip the café and whisk up a delicious breakfast at home.

Coffee Semifreddo: Love coffee? Adore chocolate? This is the dessert you’ll be scrambling for. You’ll find our Bread Tin comes in handy.

Handy Tip: If you don’t need to use your yolks straight away you can pop them in the fridge or freezer to store.To store yolks, pop them into an airtight container, and cover firmly with baking paper and plastic wrap, to stop them from drying out.

3 yolks

Lemon Ice Cream Torte: The only thing better than cake is an ice cream cake and this light and luscious version happens to be gluten-free too! We’re not yolking.

Lemon and White Chocolate Lava Cakes: Our new favourite dessert from our freshly laid cookbook Meals in a Flash.

Polish Brioche Crescents: A savoury take on our founder Grace Mazur’s Polish recipe. These are cracking for Christmas morning, or popped into lunchboxes to make your day sunny side up.


Lemon and Caper Aioli: Similar to mayonnaise, but with a slightly stronger flavour, you can serve this with hand cut chips, steamed fish, or spread onto your favourite sandwiches and wraps. It’s sure to whip everyone into a frenzy.

Wasabi Mayonnaise: Love some spice? Then you’ll love this recipe. Serve with fresh seafood or use instead of plain mayonnaise to add a kick to your potato salad. It can’t be beaten.

Chipotle Mayonnaise: You can chick out Dani Valent make this recipe here.

Handy Tip: Your Christmas cakes and puddings aren’t complete without a slurping of delicious custard. You can use up leftover yolks and create a rich and creamy custard by using 1 ½ yolks instead of a whole egg in the automatic custard recipe in your TM5. And since it’s Christmas, why not experiment with adding flavours like orange zest, brandy or your favourite liquor to mix up the flavour.