Why cooking with vapour and aroma (Varoma) is a game-changer on so many levels.

Why cooking with vapour and aroma (Varoma) is a game-changer on so many levels.

Varoma is so much more than a fancy name (coined exclusively by Thermomix®) for a regular steamer, because it’s more than a steamer, and anything but bland. To ‘Varoma’ means to cook with vapour and aromas. It gives you all the health benefits of steam-cooking your food, and all the convenience of cooking in one pot, but with incredible depth of full-bodied flavour and multi-layered textures that you just can’t achieve with regular steaming.

It's a game-changer on so many levels. So let’s unpack the Varoma. 


Flavour that rivals deep frying, without the fat

Thai-style prawn broth with spicy apples

Steam-cooked food that’s free from oils and fats like butter is infinitely healthier, but invariably lacks the deep flavours and complex textures you get with grilling, baking or frying. On the flipside though, when you cook all that fat into your foods not only do you pile on the calories and up your cholesterol, you lose a lot of the nutritional value too.

With Varoma cooking, you get the best of both worlds and none of the bad stuff. Lower calories. Lower cholesterol. Higher nutritional value. Big robust flavour.


Packing more healthy punch, crunch and colour

Five-spice duck with mushrooms, Asian vegetables and rice

Did you know steam-cooking fruits and veggies preserves their natural fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? Steaming also cooks ingredients evenly, with consistent results that retain all the taste, vibrant colour and juicy freshness in your five-a-day by keeping them as close to their raw state as possible.

For you, more fibre means your food is easier to digest. More vitamin B promotes healthy neurological function. Vitamin C balances your body’s essential metabolic reactions. And you get the full benefit of all those heart disease preventatives and cancer-fighting compounds such as riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, biotin, B12, calcium, potassium and zinc.


Saving time and money on your energy bills

Moroccan chicken and cauliflower cous cous

By stacking and harnessing the full capacity and capability of your Thermomix® Varoma, Simmering Basket and Mixing Bowl, you’re using just one energy-efficient appliance to cook multiple courses for easy entertaining or prep multiple meals for the week ahead. That’s helping to reduce your energy bills, saving you time and making less mess.

The makers of Thermomix®, Vorwerk, have also recently run energy efficiency trials in Germany, revealing some impressive results in improving energy efficiency at home with Thermomix®. Tests found that, in some cases, Thermomix® TM6 used only 35% to 45% of electricity consumed by some cooktops or steamers to prepare a meal for a family of four. 

"It's a really efficient way to cook and there are so many multi-layer recipe options." Says Thermomix® Australia founder, Graze Mazur. 

With guided Varoma cooking via Cookidoo, you’ll never have to worry about burning or over-cooking your food. And with your dishwasher-safe Thermomix® Bowl, Simmering Basket and Varoma, your big cook-up is super easy to clean up too.


More variety and creativity than you might think

Steamed chocolate cake with whipped cream

Your Thermomix®, Varoma and Cookidoo® takes your culinary ventures way beyond steamed rice, vegetables, chicken and fish and totally transforms humdrum into yum!

You’ve got a number of guided Varoma recipes right at your fingertips, and there’s no limit to the creative combinations of herbs, fragrant spices, or citrus fruit you can create to build layer upon layer of flavour.


Effortless Fermenting

Fermenting is usually a challenging process with temperature control and careful monitoring to ensure optimal conditions for fermantation. But with your your Thermomix® and Varoma, fermenting is made incredibly easy with just a few simple steps.

But wait. Your Varoma can also steam-cook...

Pull out your Varoma, jump on to Cookidoo® and open your weekly meal plan to a whole world of amazing flavours, including Asian and Caribbean cuisines or why not try some of our favourites below.