Six ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, even when you can’t be with her.

Even though we're apart from our mums this Mother's Day, there are ways you can show her you love her from afar!
Six ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, even when you can’t be with her.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be extra grateful for our Mums. But for many of us, Mother’s Day is going to be a little bit different this year. And while you can’t take Mum out for the traditional café breakfast or restaurant dinner, there are still lots of ways to show Mum you love her.

Gestures speak louder than gifts and the act of making Mum dinner, some hand-made crafts, a bit of pampering or picking up some of the jobs around the house, might be your answer to Mother’s Day this year.

Here are some other fun ideas to celebrate Mum while maintaining social distancing measures.

1. Set up your own restaurant


Seeing as all restaurants and cafes aren’t available for dine-in, this might be the perfect opportunity to set up your own. Introducing… Case Del (insert your name here!). Have fun with it by creating your own menu and setting the table with a candle and maybe some handpicked flowers (picked with permission of course!). This year we’re requesting the Salmon en croute and Little Cheesecake Pots which are both fantastic make-ahead dinner party recipes.

2. DIY Day Spa

Let Mum sit back and relax at her very own at-home day spa! It’s a good opportunity to spoil Mum with a few new beauty products too. Start with a facial or hair mask, while giving her a manicure. Then finish off with a bubble bath or foot spa, leaving her alone for a bit to soak in peace. Heaven!

3. Host a Virtual Champagne Breakfast

Technology really is the glue that’s holding us all together at the moment. If your Mother’s Day tradition usually involves breakfast or brunch there’s no need to miss out completely. Why not host a Virtual Champagne Breakfast. These Sherbet Mimosas are just the ticket!

4. Drop a care package at the door

Homemade gifts are almost always better than store bought! A Mother’s Day care package dropped at the door is a great way to spoil Mum this year. It could be a food hamper packed with homemade toasted cereal, fruit preserves, a salad in a jar for lunch and a casserole or bake-style dinner that she just needs to heat up!

For Nannas and Grandmas, get the kids involved and include homemade cards and crafts to brighten up her day. Or if you’re like our staff Mums, they’d love a voucher for an oven clean or some ironing thrown in there too!

Our Cranberry and Coconut Toasted cereal is a fantastic addition to a care package.

Our Cranberry and Coconut Toasted cereal is a fantastic addition to a care package.

5. Family movie night – where Mum gets to choose the movie

A family movie night is the perfect day to wind down, unplug and laugh – but let’s face it, when does Mum ever get to choose the movie? No movie night is complete without movie snacks so whip up some Crunchy caramel popcorn or Ice cream cookie bowls to go with the movie.

Even if you’re not in the same household, you can still watch the same movie at the same time. There are even apps such as Netflix Party available so you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows together.

6. Dinner and a show


How about a virtual show, play or concert put on by the grandkids? This has the additional benefit of keeping the kids occupied for a weekend so it’s win-win! If you live locally, why not drop around dinner so your Mum can enjoy dinner and a show, or if it’s a little far, offer to order her favourite takeaway?

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