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A powerful pair

Buy the TM6 and add the Kobold Mini Vac for just $49* (save $250).

The best
Thermomix ever made.

The TM6 replaces over 20 appliances in one sleek, compact unit that packs enormous power, versatility and innovation. So you can chop, beat, blend, whip, weigh, mill, knead, mince and more at the touch of a button.

Life's messy

See the Mini Vac in action below.

From the makers of Thermomix, meet the Kobold Mini Vac.

Part of the Vorwerk family, the Kobold Mini Vac ($299) guarantees the same German design, engineering and quality that we've come to love from Thermomix. Think of it as the Thermomix of handheld vacuum cleaners!

Here’s what’s to love about the new Kobold Mini Vac:

  • It’s comfortable to hold and easy to handle, thanks to the ergonomic design and optimised weight distribution - it’s lightweight at only 650g!
  • Two powerful suction levels allow you to clean all surfaces quickly and effectively the first time.
  • The heavy-duty lithium-ion battery provides reliable and consistent suction power for up to 20 minutes or 13 minutes at its highest power level.
  • The sleek design suits every home environment, with a compact charging station providing storage either upright, horizontally or hung.

Between 1pm 8 Jun and 1pm 1 Jul 2021 (NZST), you can buy a TM6 and add the Kobold Mini Vac for just $49 (save $250).