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Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
Rose Gold Measuring Spoons
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Rose Gold Measuring Spoons

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This set of six rose gold engraved measuring spoons adds style and elegance in spades, bringing that timeless warm glow of copper to your kitchen while taking all the guesswork out of measuring your smaller liquid and dry ingredients.

All the sizes you need for cooking and baking with ease and accuracy are right here in Australian metric standard measuring spoon sizes. Why does that matter? We'll let you into the secret. Most Australian retailers sell tablespoon measures to US, UK and NZ sizes (15ml), but our recipes use the standard Australian tablespoon size (20ml). And that small difference can make a big difference to your baking results! Which is why we also made sure the spoon and measurements are engraved on the handles, so they don’t wear off and leave you guessing down the track.

They're copper plated and made from high-quality stainless steel, so they're super sturdy and conduct less heat. And they’re perfectly nested together for storage with a beautiful copper ring that’s easy to unlock and use the spoons separately.

Key Features

  • Easiest and most elegant way to take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Adds the timeless shine and elegance of rose gold to your kitchen
  • Deep spoons with long handles, designed to fit in most spice jars
  • 4 x teaspoon measure sizes and 2 x tablespoon measure sizes
  • Copper plated, high-quality stainless steel is sturdy and conducts less heat
  • Engraved with measurements so they won’t rub off with use
  • Easily detachable copper ring for hanging and storing together, or using separately
  • Australian standard measuring spoon sizes in ml

4 x teaspoon measure sizes
1/8 teaspoon – 0.625 ml measuring spoon
¼ teaspoon – 1.25 ml measuring spoon
½ teaspoon – 2.5 ml measuring spoon
1 teaspoon – 5 ml measuring spoon

 2 x tablespoon measure sizes
½ tablespoon – 10ml measuring spoon
1 tablespoon – 20 ml measuring spoon

Our rose gold measuring spoons are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, however hand washing is recommended for preserving their original perfect shine. Before first use, or if they’ve not been used for a while, hand wash with mild soap and warm water. For removing stuck-on food, simply soak in warm water to loosen. Avoid washing with harsh, high-alkaline detergents and abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads or using metal utensils or knives on the measuring spoons.

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