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Disposable Piping Bags (100)
Disposable Piping Bags (100)
Disposable Piping Bags (100)
Disposable Piping Bags (100)
Disposable Piping Bags (100)
Disposable Piping Bags (100)
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Disposable Piping Bags (100)

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Red and yellow and pink and green… You can pipe a rainbow with our disposable piping bags without breaking your creative flow to wash the bag and switch colours. They’re extra strong too, with a non-slip easy-grip texture to give you firm control of your fine and intricate piping work on cakes and cookies.

So easy to use, you can even work with no piping tip. Just snip off the end of the disposable piping bags with some scissors for fine lines, and away you go. Or simply add your tips and couplers for more intricate patterns and shapes.

Food-safe and BPA-free, they’re perfect for royal icing,
butter icing, fondant, chocolate, meringue, cream or dough you’ve whipped up in minutes in your Thermomix. And they’re super-easy to fill. Simply put your disposable piping bag inside a jug or tall glass, fold the edges over the rim, half fill the bag, twist the opening and push the filling down towards the tip to remove any air bubbles.

We like to seal off the top with a food bag clip so we can keep our hands focused on applying even and uniform pressure and directing the tip. If you’re piping extra thick icing through a small tip, we recommend doubling up and using two icing piping bags together. 

When you’re pushed for time, you won’t find a quick and simple solution to how to clean a piping bag. So save yourself the mess and inconvenience of washing and refilling, and grab a 100-pack of our disposable piping bags.

Key Features

  • Save time on washing up to clean the piping bag
  • Perfect for intricate royal icing work on cakes and cookies
  • Non-slip piping bags give you a good grip and ultimate control
  • Perfect for piping multi-coloured icing – pipe a rainbow with a bag for every colour
  • No piping tip needed
  • For fine lines, just snip the end and pipe away
  • For intricate patterns or shapes, just add tips and couplers
  • Food safe and BPA free
  • Pack of 100 will keep you stocked up for all your piping projects

Length: 300mm  
Width: 200mm
Diagonal edge: 340mm 

To withstand the pressure of piping work, our sturdy disposable piping bags are made from strong, food-safe and BPA-free polyethene or PE. While this is not a biodegradable soft plastic, the bags are 100% recyclable. You’ll just need to wash them first.

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