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Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6
Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6
Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6
Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6
Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6
Wholefood Child Cookbook for Thermomix TM5 TM6

Thermomix Wholefood Child Cookbook TM5 TM6

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The Wholefood Child cookbook is the little help in the kitchen you really need when you’re adjusting to life with a newborn and all those exhilarating and exhausting phases of childhood. It’s packed with 88 nourishing Thermomix recipes for babies and toddlers and every stage of childhood, created by food and nutrition writer and cookbook author Louise Keats.

Every chapter serves up easy-to-digest advice that helps you demystify the information-saturated cosmos that is post-natal and childhood nutrition. With the Wholefood Child cookbook, Louise Keats effortlessly leads you through the basics of optimal child nutrition, including a focus on gut health. There’s even a whole chapter dedicated to helping you take good care of your post-baby body.

 You’ll nail the first week on solids with Louise’s fool-proof guide. You’ll learn how to introduce new tastes and textures to your 6 to 9-month-old. You’ll get creative with fun finger foods at 10 to 12 months.

You’ll find healthy recipes for toddlers. Healthy food ideas for kids with allergies. Tips to get fussy eaters to explore more foods. Easy snacks and lunchboxes for older children. And inspiration for family celebrations and family meals, including tips on serves for babies and toddlers, so everyone can enjoy the same meal.

When you’re busy managing everything family life throws at you, the Wholefood Child cookbook and your Thermomix helps you avoid all those processed pre-packaged foods and connect your child with real food every day.

Key Features

  • 88 nourishing Thermomix recipes for babies and toddlers, older children and the whole family
  • Comprehensive info about nutrition for babies, toddlers, young kids and your post-baby body
  • Healthy food ideas for kids to help them develop a taste for new flavours
  • 15+ healthy breakfast ideas for kids
  • 35+ healthy dinners for kids

By helping your child develop a love for wholesome, home-cooked food, you’re setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating and wellbeing. These nourishing new flavours have been a big hit with babies and toddlers, the fussiest kids and the biggest kids in the family too.

Cauliflower chicken nuggets

If you’ve got a child who’s turning their
nose up at new flavors and textures, especially vegetables, this is an easy cheat to get some nourishing cauliflower into their favourite chicken nuggets. It’s great for older fussy eaters too – an iron-rich meal with a serve of vegetables all in one! View the recipe for Cauliflower chicken nuggets on Cookidoo.

Caramel almond cashew slice

This amazing-tasting healthy slice is easy as pie and ideal for post-natal nourishment. It’s packed with protein and uses the native spice wattleseed- a source of protein, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. View the recipe for Caramel almond cashew slice on Cookidoo.

More recipe inspiration

Pumpkin chicken puree

Chilli con carne

Banana coconut custard

How many of the Thermomix recipes for babies, toddlers and older children are suitable for allergies and special dietary requirements?

The Wholefood Child Cookbook gives you plenty of help and healthy food ideas for kids with allergies and dietary needs. Of the 88 recipes, 64 are vegetarian, 53 are gluten free, 54 are nut free, 28 are dairy free and 59 are egg free recipes.

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